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July 19, 2009


Timmy C.


I'm really confident Option 2, "We all have a lot to learn from one another" is a good one no matter if the view I suggested in Option 1 holds water or not.

Let me think some more and elaborate a bit more on what I described in the older post the crux of which was:

"In this model: Jesus ceases to be a choice that narrows one's connection to the true and the worthy and the good. In one sense he becomes the doorway to safely embracing what is worthy in all of the other doors...saying 'every good and perfect gift comes from the Father' as James wrote."

As to the question of is there a bid difference between those two options? Let me think, but i think I was trying to make a bigger statement in a way. But let me think some before posting more.

As of Peter Rollins, glad you liked his stuff on theism and "a/theism."

I actually met him in an (of course) Irish bar in DC at an Emerging church thing, and over a pint discussed his work and life and beer and his work in Belfast. Really like him.

Here is his blog: http://peterrollins.net/blog/

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